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Welcome to FeatherFriends, a vibrant bird community built for enthusiasts and beginners alike. My name is Addison, your twelve-year-old guide on this feathery journey. From a young age, I found myself drawn to the fascinating world of birds. My passion grew into a rescue mission one fateful summer in 2021 when I saved 37 baby birds from a pressure washing incident. Now, I want to bring my love for birds to you, starting right here in our FeatherFriends bird community.

Together with my parents and our loyal dogs, Beau, a Redbone Coonhound, and Willow, an Akbash, I’m on a mission to help bird owners and lovers feel more connected and knowledgeable about their feathered friends. On FeatherFriends, you can expect to find a wealth of resources, from avian care tips to an online shop stocked with everything your pet parrot may need.

But FeatherFriends isn’t just about pet parrots; we also delve into the exciting realm of wild birds and offer insights into the wonderful world of falconry – a path I’m eager to embark on myself. This FeatherFriends bird community is our collective nest on the internet, a space where we can all wing it together and let our love for birds take flight. We hope you find FeatherFriends as inviting as we’ve intended it to be, and encourage you to explore the variety of resources we’ve gathered here for you.

So, spread your wings and join us in creating a world that’s more understanding, appreciative, and accommodating of our avian companions.